Avila in Action

Stewardship is rooted in the idea that all we have is a gift from God, and with grace we gratefully give back to God from what we have been given. In the same way the Church teaches these principles, the church itself strives to live by them. St. Teresa of Avila parish has historically given 3% of our collections to charities outside of our walls.

This year, the Stewardship Committee along with the Finance Council have made a prayerful decision to increase our giving percentage to 6%, and to seek input from the parish on how the funds are distributed. This initiative has been named Avila in Action. Parishioners may nominate a charity of their choice to receive Avila in Action grant funds.

The Stewardship Committee and Pastor will review applications throughout the year. Determination of the year’s grant award recipients and award amounts will take place in July. Following any necessary research and follow up, distributions are made by August 31st.

Completed applications should be submitted no later than June 30th to the Director of Stewardship, Rebecca O’Brien. Electronic submissions can be sent to robrien@stteresaparish.org or by mail to 1950 N Kenmore Ave, Chicago, IL 60614.

Download the Avila in Action Application

In choosing recipients for an Avila in Action grant, the Committee will consider the following guidelines:

  • The beneficiary must be nominated by a registered St. Teresa parishioner.
  • The beneficiary must have an established project/initiative/program that is engaged in an effective program to address an important social justice need consistent with our Catholic faith.
  • Avila in Action grants are available to both well-established groups, as well as new recipient groups that are ready, willing and able to serve others in an impactful and innovative manner.
  • Each Avila in Action grant will be given in a sufficient amount to make a meaningful difference or significant contribution to the project/ initiative/program.
  • Preference will be giving to beneficiaries who would welcome parishioner volunteers in its mission.
  • Avila in Action grant recipients will be held accountable. Groups receiving an Avila in Action grant need to be willing and able to articulate a specific need for the funds and provide a report on how past funding was used to meet that need.
  • The Avila in Action program is designed to be completely transparent to the parish community. Each recipient group, including the total amount awarded, will be published to the Parish in the Sunday Bulletin, listed on the Parish website, and displayed on the Parish Center bulletin board. The progress made by the group will also be published to the Parish throughout the year.