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A Message from the RMC Discernment Team

The members of the RMC Lincoln Park / Old Town grouping on gathered on March 13th at St. Michael. At that meeting, we were given one scenario to act as a conversation starter for future collaboration. We were disappointed to receive only one scenario, however, we believe this is an opportunity for us to produce multiple, creative, and viable scenarios for our Lincoln Park grouping.

The Archdiocesan RMC committee highlighted two key points in creating our scenario:

  • Staffing and property ownership structure in our grouping is unique because the Redemptorists both staff and own the property at St. Michael and the Vincentians both staff and own the property at St. Vincent de Paul.
  • The relatively recent unification of Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph as one parish is also important to take into account.

Thus, the Archdiocese RMC committee scenario is as follows:

  • St. Teresa of Avila and St. Josaphat would unite as one canonical parish with two active church worship sites. This assumes that St. Josaphat’s current capital campaign will be able to address the church facility’s capital needs. St. Josaphat School would serve as the parish school.
  • St. Michael and St. Vincent de Paul would each remain in their current structures, based on their staffing and ownership by their respective religious communities, unless they choose to create something different.
  • Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph would remain in its current structure as a multi-site parish. The school would also continue in its current structure.

The RMC process and group discussion is not over. We had a healthy discussion and voiced our challenges with this single scenario as well as opportunities to improve it. Over the next two weeks, the St. Teresa committee will propose additional scenarios that exemplify the strength of St. Teresa’s spirit, vitality of our mission, viability of our finances, and the continuing growth of our parish.

Written comments may be submitted by April 2nd. Please email Barb McHugh ( Ellen Moiani ( Justin Alden ( with your feedback on this initial scenario. You may also review our parish grouping data report for background and history on the parishes in our grouping.

Let us hold each other and the other parish communities in our grouping in prayer as we enter this time of rededication to our faith in Jesus Christ and planning for the future.


We Invite You

We invite you to join parish leadership for our second Renew My Church parish session on Monday, April 9th at 6:30pm in the parish center.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

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